Friday, November 18, 2011

Anglo-American Legal History Class Visits the Rare Book Room

This past Tuesday, we were thrilled to host Professor Dan Coquillette's Anglo-American Legal History Class for an exhibit of our 16th and 17th century legal practice materials. It's always a pleasure to have this interested and engaged group come to see our collection, and it's a tremendous treat to get to listen to Professor Coquillette's discussion of the materials. The focus of the exhibit was early court reports and abridgments, including a 1534 Year Book from the reign of Edward III, Coke's reports and Dyer's reports, along with abridgments of both. We also displayed early compilations of writs, Littleton's Tenures, Coke on Littleton, books of entries, and several other items. Pictures of many featured items will be posted on our Facebook page, along with this audio clip of Professor Coquillette's introduction to the materials:

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